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Romania's capital - named after its founder , a sheperd called Bucur - lies on the Wallachian plains, between the Carpathian foothills and the Danube River. It was mentioned in documnets as town over 500 years ago during the reign of the legendary Vlad Tepes ( the Impaller ) - Count Dracula. In the 1930s it was known as "The Litlle Paris Of Orient". Since then earthquakes , the second WORLD WAR bombing and Ceausescu have combined to destroy much of its prewar beauty.

The ancient center of city is known under the name of Curtea Veche (Old Court), including Manuc's Inn ans streets Selari, Specari, Covaci, Gabroveni and Lipscani - the first commercial and handicraft place of the town, situated in the historic downtown of Bucharest only a few meters far from the kilometer number 0 of the Romania Capital.

Also, in the central areas of Bucharest there are several old parks, Cismigiu Garden (1850), Botanical Garden (1884).

Bucharest is also skirted by numerous lakes and woods - in which one may see a number of monuments in the traditional Romanian architectural style: the Snagov forest and lake ( including the monastery with the same name lying on the isle in the midst of the lake where Count Dracula has been buried), Mogosoaia- with the Palace of Prince Constantin Brancoveanu, Cernica and Pasarea monasteries, the Caldarusani Lake and Monastery ( which was founded by ruling Prince Matei Bassarab), the Baneasa Woods.

Nowaday, Bucharest is the economic, social and cultural center of Romania, offreing a wide range of accommodation options, including private rooms, university campuses, hostels and hotels. The main places are in the center - Unirii Square, University Square and its surroundings, where there is the focal point for nightlife: you'll find plenty of entertaiment here, including bars, nightyclubs, theatres and cinemas.


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